Next gen games powered by AI

Next gen games powered by AI

Our first product is a game with LLM-based AI agents at the heart of the gameplay experience along with the tools to realize these worlds.

Origin Story

Campfire was born out of a very simple idea: what if we could talk to and be friends with the characters in our favourite video games? Since then, we’ve put player agency and emergent interactions with the characters at the heart of everything we build.

Our vision

Our vision

Advent of AI is going to change entertainment more than 3D rendering or the internet. We're following in the footsteps of Pixar and Epic Games in creating a paradigm shifting company at the intersection of creativity and technology.

Our secret plan is to own both content (B2C) and tooling layers (B2B) long term, and be industry leader in all AI entertainment, starting with gaming. But keep that last part secret.